Awesome Last Minute Trip

On Friday I got a call from a friend who asked me, “do you like the band Weezer?” I am mostly familiar with their debut album and other hits, which I love. My friend was asking because he is Facebook friends with Rivers Cuomo (lead singer) who posted an offer of tickets. My friend responded, and not only did he get tickets, but he also got backstage passes to their show on Saturday at the Del Mar racetrack, which is just north of San Diego.

So another friend and I planned to head down from Los Angeles and meet our friend there. We were concerned about traffic and looked into taking the train down, which is what we ended up doing. It wasn’t bad, although I must say that the conductor on the Amtrak website is a bit scary looking:

How welcoming

How welcoming

So we went, saw a few horse races, and then made our way to the concert area. Weezer put on a great show, and because we had VIP access we got to watch from a VIP area with bleachers (so nice for short people like me) and a separate bar with a shorter line.

Afterward, we went backstage and met the band. Rivers was really nice, seemed like a very chill dude. He was just letting people into his trailer. Maybe he was just so drained he didn’t care, but I think he also just loves his fans that much. He took pictures with all of us, offered us some beers, and then we went out onto the stage.

with rivers


under weezer logo


We stayed overnight in San Diego, ate some incredible pho in the morning at Pho Hoa, then got a ride to the train station where we caught our ride home. It was about a 24-hour trip, 5-6 hours of which was spent on the train rides, and it was totally worth it.


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