The Critic – Still The Best

Today my friend Ryan Cronin posted a link on my Facebook timeline to this Funny or Die tribute to The Critic. For the uninitiated, The Critic is an animated series from the 90s starring Jon Lovitz as critic Jay Sherman. Ryan posted this on my wall because he knows that this is my favorite show of all time.

I started watching the show when it was on Fox, which is after it got moved from ABC. I didn’t even understand all of the movie references (and I still don’t) but I knew that this show was funny. The main character was pathetic yet brilliant, and it’s incredible how some of the spoofs they came up with became startlingly real. As the Funny or Die tribute points out, 20 years later the show still manages to be relevant.

There are many great clips from the show on YouTube, but I think that anyone interested in the show should watch entire episodes. There aren’t that many (only 23 were made before it was canceled) so don’t worry, you won’t get sucked into an epic I-started-watching-this-TV-show-and-now-I-have-to-finish type of thing.

The only other thing that consistently makes me as happy is Gary Larson’s The Far Side, which I also got into as a kid, spending my allowance money on books because they were that entertaining. I believe it to be the root of my comedic interests, and I have more to say but I’ll save it for another post.


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