My First (and probably last) Attempt at a Web Comic

My favorite thing growing up, as I’ve mentioned, was The Far Side. I’ve always loved clever comic strips, especially when puns are involved. That includes web comics, my favorite being Perry Bible Fellowship.

I can’t draw, haven’t developed any real digital art skills, and don’t usually have ideas that lend themselves to comics, so I have never tried to make one. But tonight I felt inspired to make this:


partial zoom

full view

I can already see ways that these could have been done differently to look better and maximize comedic impact. And I’m sure there was a better way to do this than in Photoshop, but it was fun.

As it turns out, someone made a documentary about the lack of fresh vegetables in poor neighborhoods using the same pun. See No Justice, No Peas: Getting A Veggie In The Hood.

And in other news, I had some serious déjà vu while writing this post. That old bit of mine (a joke about déjà vu that I tell and then tell again 8-10 minutes later) was based on reality.


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