A Smattering of Shows

If you’ve been asking me about when I’ll be doing shows, and chances are you haven’t, here are a few I have coming up. None of them are even remotely illustrious, but all of them are at least slightly better than shitty cafe or bar open mics. Behold:

11/26 – “open mic” at Laughing Skull in Atlanta, GA. I put that in quotes because the show is booked weeks in advance, but it’s still called an open mic because it’s open to all levels and, presumably, they are all short sets. No bookers in Atlanta got back to me when I was trying to set up shows for my visit home, so if you’re in Atlanta and would like to see what I’ve been wasting my life on, here it is. Show starts at 8, it’s $10. If they ask, tell them you’re there to see me.

12/2 – VooDoo Comedy, at the bar at House of Blues, Hollywood. As much as it sounds cool to say I’m performing at the House of Blues, the show actually happens at the bar where drunk people go to talk loudly. What I mean is, it’s at HOB but it’s not ideal for comedy, or it at least it didn’t seem like it the one time I’ve been there. But I’ll be there, so come check it out! Free show, 8pm.

12/9 – Brennan’s Pub in Marina Del Rey. As much as a loud sports bar is usually a bad setting for comedy, I did this show once before and it was a lot of fun. They have pretty good food and the booker keeps this show funny, so come hang out and laugh. 9pm, free show.


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I'm a comedian based in California. I eat a lot of burritos. I'm a light sleeper. If you'd like to know more, comment on a post or contact me via Facebook or just come to a show! View all posts by vietjew

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